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Zai Kuang, Bathroom Mirror

Best Oil or Acrylic – Prize $3,500

Zai Kuang
Bathroom Mirror
sponsored by Glendalough Mothers’ Association
and Atelier Art Suppliers

Amanda Hyatt, Life Aquatic

Best Watercolour – Prize $3,500

Amanda Hyatt
Life Aquatic
sponsored by Friends of Art Association

Geoff Sargeant, Pimpin Mallee

The Brother McCarthy Memorial Award
Best Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil or Ink – Prize $3,500

Geoff Sargeant
Pimpin Mallee
sponsored by St Kevin’s College Mothers’ Association

Carolyn Sroczynski, Cocoon

Best Painting priced $801 to $1400 – Prize $1,250

Carolyn Sroczynski
sponsored by Nuline Charter Pty Ltd

Cathy Quinn, Stillness

Best Modern Painting – Prize $1,000

Cathy Quinn

sponsored by Baldasso Cortese Pty Ltd Architects

Libby Schreiber, Krafty Cats

Best Painting priced at $800 or less – Prize $750

Libby Schreiber
Krafty Cats
sponsored by St Kevin’s Fathers’ Association

Highly Commended

Best Oil or Acrylic
Fiona Bilrough, Rhaposdy in Red

Best Watercolour
Nicholas Truscott, Oil Barrels

The Br McCarthy Memorial Award for Best Pastel, Charcoal,
Pencil or Ink

Rosemary Parrant, Recline Nude

Best Painting priced $801 to $1400
Bill Filipovski, My Old Bottles

Best Modern Painting
Gina Fishman, Take 5
Amanda Hebden, Sugar

Best Painting priced at $800 or less
Olga Finkel, Favourite Jumper

People’s Choice

Robert Knight, Rainforest #1

People’s Choice Award

Robert Knight
Rainforest #1
sponsored by St Kevin’s Old Collegians’ Association

2016 Judge – Sophie Ullin

Sophie is the Head of Fine Art at Leonard Joel. She is an art advisor with many years of experience, specializing in International Contemporary Art. She also has a solid background in Australian and Aboriginal Art.

Sophie began her career at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art. She then became an Art Specialist at Deutscher-Menzies Melbourne. This was followed by a position as Head of Contemporary, Aboriginal and Tribal Art at Lawson Menzies Sydney.

Sophie’s expertise in art valuation, research, market analysis and sales is built upon more than 20 years of experience at fine art dealerships.

With strong and dynamic industry connections, Sophie established her own art advisory business, Sophie Ullin Art Advisory Service, in 2002. It focuses both on Contemporary and Aboriginal art.

I enjoy working independently with clients in the development and building of their art collections. I travel extensively and frequently to international art fairs, auctions, exhibitions and biennales to keep abreast of artists’ work, art market trends and of course to source art work for clients.

Sophie is co-founder of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, is an approved Australian Government Valuer for the Cultural Gifts bequest program and has been an Art Market correspondent for the Australian Art Sales Digest amongst other publications.

Artist List

Patricia Agatanovic
Lizzie Alsop
Christine Anderson
Lynda Bailey
Maria Barbaro
Uma Barry
Barbara Beasley-Southga
Malcolm Beattie
Lydia Ben-Natan
Cathie Berry
Fiona Bilbrough
Anna Blatman
Anna Blay
Peter Blomquist
Anthony Bowles
Greta Breskina
Mary Briggs
Ron Brown
Anne Bryant
Roma Burge
Lorraine Bums
Mardi Busby
Margaret Cafarella
Christine Cafarella-Pearc
Richard Campbell
Beverley Cawthorn
Martin Cleal
Judy Cohn
Joanne Coleman
Antje Collis
Lisa Cox
Kate Cross
Geoff Cunningham
Sabina D’Antonio
Anita Dammersmith
Marilyn Dann
Craig Davy
Faye De Pascquale
John Di Crescenzo
Kerry Doran
Malcolm Drysdale
Nadine Dudek
Barbara Fahey
Zhonghua Fan
Heinz Fickler
Bill Filipovski

Olga Finkel
Gina Fishman
Richard Gao
Liliana Gigovic
Barbara Gleeson
Michael Goff
Helen Goodear
Wendy Heath
Josefine Hennel
Ali Hill
Regina Hona
Glenn Hoyle
Jo-Ann Hunt
Amanda Hyatt
Diana Jackson

Barbara Jamrich
Janicke Johansen
Emma Johnson
Rosemary Jones
Richard James Jones
Elise Judd
Charlotte Kandelaars
Ashot Karapetian
Vanessa Kelly
Annee Kelly
Ralf Kempken
Kim Kennedy
Elizabeth Kenny
Jud Keresztesi
Margaret Kettels
Di King
Robert Knight
Leigh Knight
Rose Knight
John Kodric
Elena Kolotusha
Zai Kuang
Jon Lam
Debbie Langer
Diane Layfield
Maria LeBlanc
Carole Lees
William Lingford
Dawn Linnett
Johnson Liz

Maureen Loughran
Jan Lowe
Barbara Madden
Walter Magilton
Nicki Manthel
Carolyn Marrone
Kathie Mathes
Sue McCall
Claire McCall
Maggie McGrath
Vicki McInnes
Kirsty McIntyre
Pat McKenzie
Adrienne McMahon
Roz McQuillan
Noel Miller
Carole Milton
Pam Mitchell
Jane Mogensen
Ron Morgan
Joanne Morris
Anne Newman
Lisa O’Keefe
Susan O’Brien
Elisworth Overton
Faye Owen
Vivi Palegeorge
Dawn Pankiewicz
Marion Parker
Rosemary Parrent
Sharon Pate
Sharron Patience
Geoff Paynter
Vida Pearson
Chris Pelchen
Craig Penny
Kris Peter
Matthew Petrucci
Tony Philips
Michael Polke
Louise Price
Anni Probert
James Reilly
David Reynolds
Geraldine Richards
Julie Ricketts

Susan Robertson
David Ross
Lance Ross
Angela Russo
Geoff Sargeant
Jenny Scholes
Libby Schreiber
Jo-Anne Seberry
Helene Seymour
Jill Shalless
Doreen Shaw
Keming Shen
Paul Sicher
Clive Sinclair
Kylie Sirett
Kate Smith
Carolyn Sroczynski
Valeri Stamation
Anne Stark
Pauline Stewart
Kerry Anne Sullivan
Agnes Szetey
Christopher Taylor
Brian J. Thompson
Nancy Thurlby
Joy Timms
Kay Tobin
Nicholas Trubscott
Kelly Tulloch
Eileen Van Bavel
Maxine Wade
Mandy Walker
Claire Watson
Jennifer Webb
Malcolm Webster
Linda Weil
Peter Wendt
Tony Weston
Maureen Whiteaker
Annie White
Beryl White
Andrea Wootton
Eliane Young
Dong Zhang
Li Zhou

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