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Omnia Art Prize Terms and Conditions


1.1  Artists are invited to submit up to three artworks on any subject for consideration by the selection panel.

1.2  The selection panel may shortlist more than one artwork by each artist.

1.3  All artworks exhibited must be available for sale. Multiple editions of works on paper may be offered for sale at the Art Prize provided that they are genuine editioned works (such as editioned photography, editioned etchings, linocuts etc) and not reproductions.

1.4  Entries may include two dimensional and three dimensional works which can be mounted on the wall.
Three-dimensional artworks which cannot be wall mounted are unfortunately not eligible due to display limitations.
Artworks in different mediums are accepted – mixed media, paintings, works on paper (drawing, collage, editioned prints) and photography.

1.5  The maximum finished size of any entry must not exceed 153cm in height or width (including frame).

1.6  The significant prize money should not deter artists from submitting smaller/more affordable works, as the selection panel is seeking to shortlist artworks across a range of price brackets and all works will be given equal consideration during judging.

1.7  All shortlisted artists will receive one ticket to the Gala Night, a fully catered opening night event (ticket value is $55).


2.1   Entry is open to Australian residents, as well as Australian citizens living abroad.

2.2   The Artist must complete the application form and pay a non-refundable entry fee of $35 for up to three artworks. By doing so, the Artist agrees to be bound by the conditions of entry specified here, whether or not the works are exhibited.

2.3   The Artist warrants that the works are his or her original work signed by the Artist either on the front or verso of the work.

2.4   The decision of the judges appointed by St Kevin’s College Friends of Art (SKCFOA) shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

2.5   Only those works shortlisted by the selection panel will be exhibited and shortlisted works must be available for the exhibition.

2.6   Artists may not substitute shortlisted works with any other work, unless such a request is made to the Artist by the Convenor, Friends of Art.

2.7   If for some reason, shortlisted works become unavailable after an Artist pays the entry fee, Artists will not be entitled to a refund of their entry fee.

2.8   By entry of works to the Omnia Art Prize the Artist appoints SKCFOA as his or her agent for all purposes associated with the exhibition and sale of all works.

2.9   The Artist grants SKCFOA copyright approval to reproduce any works for the purpose of promoting the Art Prize, or any future Art Prize.

2.10   Exhibited artworks shall remain on display for the duration of the four day event.

2.11   SKCFOA reserves the right, at its absolute and sole discretion, to reject any submitted works at any time.

2.12  Artists cannot submit a work if it has been submitted previously to the St Kevin’s Omnia Art Prize.

2.13   In the event of this exhibition being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances  – such as Covid – the SKCFOA will make every effort to reschedule the event. In the case of a cancellation, the works will need to be collected by each Artist, or their representative by an agreed date to be determined.


3.1 All works must be delivered wrapped and labelled.

3.2   Paintings should be suitably presented and fitted with appropriate D-rings, hanging wire or heavy duty cord for hanging. Paintings on canvas must be stretched (framing is optional).

3.3   Works on paper and photography must be professionally framed with glass or perspex glazing and fitted with D-rings or hanging wire. Any work shortlisted which does not meet a suitable standard of framing will not be hung. Due to the risk of accidental damage, any works on paper or photography which are delivered unframed will not be hung. Artists will not be entitled to a refund in this circumstance.

3.4   Diptychs and triptychs are accepted if considered as one work and the finished size complies with the overall size limit.


4.1   SKCFOA will produce a catalogue of shortlisted artworks with information provided by the Artist on the application form.

4.2   SKCFOA will make every effort possible to ensure all entry details in the catalogue are correct.

4.3   No responsibility for any error, omission, or other defect in the production or publication of the catalogue is accepted by SKCFOA.


5.1   All exhibited works shall be offered for sale to the public at 7pm on opening night at the price nominated by the Artist on the application form.

5.2   SKCFOA shall retain 25% of such nominated price as selling commission in the event of a sale during the exhibition, or afterward, as a result of the Art Prize.

5.3   The remaining sale proceeds will be paid by direct deposit to the Artist within 30 days of the end of the Show or by cheque within 30 days.


6.1   SKCFOA shall exercise all reasonable care in handling the works.

6.2   The Artist agrees to indemnify SKCFOA and SKC and hold SKCFOA harmless in the event of the loss or damage whatsoever to the entered works from delivery of the works to the Show until collection by the Artist or purchaser.

6.3   The Artist shall be responsible for the insurance of works against loss or damage when in custody of SKCFOA or in transit.

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