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The team behind the Omnia Art Prize

The Omnia Art Prize is coordinated by a committee of dedicated volunteers, known as Friends of Art, who are parents at the College with a shared love of art. The committee includes a broad cross-section of professionals.

In addition to this, Friends of Art is supported by the St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association.


Melissa Cahill – Opening night event
Matt Callan – Graphic Design & Catalogue
Nara Crowe – Treasurer
Wendy Davey – Community Boards
Hanlie Engelbrecht – Café
Michelle Florenini – Café
Monique Harpur – Artistic Liaison Mentor
Sheila Hawe – Artistic Liaison
Mylinh Lee – Artistic Liaison
Swee Lim – Co-Convenor
Jane Mancini – Opening night event
Jenny-Maree Marshal – Social Media
Monique Murphy – Marketing and Public Relations
Kim Pepi – Secretary
Amy Quigley – Website
Simône Serle – Co­­-Convenor & Exhibition Design
Michelle Smith – Sponsorship
Lucy Sparke – Sales desk & Judge Liaison
Lisa Toscano – Community Boards
Sue Webb – Marketing and Parents Communications
Katelyn Whitehall – Partnerships


Banner Image – Michelle Fogarty – cropped image of Table of Apples

Past Convenors

We have been so fortunate to have so many dedicated and hard working convenors over the years.
Below is a list of those convenors past and present.

2022 Simône Serle & Swee Lim
2021 Marita Smith
2019 Marita Smith
2018 Marita Smith
2017 Marita Smith
2016 Eleonora Luisetto
2015 Eleonora Luisetto
2014 Eleonora Luisetto
2013 Marianne Van Schoten & Eleonora Luisetto
2012 Marianne Van Schoten
2011 Marianne Van Schoten
2010 Marianne Van Schoten
2009 Dalia Borell
2008 Dalia Borell
2007 Dalia Borell
2006 Marg Hawker & Dalia Borell
2005 Marg Hawker
2004 Marg Hawker
2003 Marg Hawker
2002 Marg Hawker
2001 Marg Hawker & Marg Rogers
2000 Mrs J. Spike
1999 Mrs J. Spike
1998 Mrs D. Davoren
1997 Mrs D. Davoren
1996 Mrs D. Davoren

1995 Mrs D. Davoren
1994 Mrs A. Courtney
1993 Mrs P. Noonan
1992 Mrs A. Courtney
1991 Mrs M. Burke
1990 Mrs M. Burke
1989 Mrs G. Santa Maria
1988 Mrs B. Noonan
1987 Mrs B. Noonan
1986 Mrs R. Sammartino
1985 Mrs R. Sammartino
1984 Mrs M. Ryan
1983 Mrs M. Ryan
1982 Mrs. H. Whyte
1981 Mrs H. Whyte
1980 Mrs T. Phillips
1979 Mrs J. Gallagher
1978 Mrs P. Davies
1977 Mrs P. Davies
1976 Mrs N. Duff
1975 Mrs N. Duff
1974 Mrs J. Kiely
1973 Mrs M. Wright
1972 Mrs M. Wright
1971 Mrs Audrey Culliver

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