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The team behind the Omnia Art Prize

The Omnia Art Prize is coordinated by a committee of dedicated volunteers, known as Friends of Art, who are parents at the College with a shared love of art. The committee includes a broad cross-section of professionals.

In addition to this, Friends of Art is supported by the St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association.


Melissa Cahill – Opening night event
Matt Callan – Graphic Design & Catalogue
Nara Crowe – Treasurer
Wendy Davey – Community Boards
Hanlie Engelbrecht – Café
Michelle Florenini – Café
Monique Harpur – Artistic Liaison Mentor
Sheila Hawe – Artistic Liaison
Mylinh Lee – Artistic Liaison
Swee Lim – Co-Convenor
Jane Mancini – Opening night event
Jenny-Maree Marshal – Social Media
Monique Murphy – Marketing and Public Relations
Kim Pepi – Secretary
Amy Quigley – Website
Simône Serle – Co­­-Convenor & Exhibition Design
Michelle Smith – Sponsorship
Lucy Sparke – Sales desk & Judge Liaison
Lisa Toscano – Community Boards
Sue Webb – Marketing and Parents Communications
Katelyn Whitehall – Partnerships


Banner Image – Michelle Fogarty – cropped image of Table of Apples

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